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Preschool Program

The preschool years are a time of great growth and development, and we want to help your child reach their full potential! At Greater Boston Early Academy in Malden, our curriculum is designed to help your child develop the skills they need for success in Kindergarten and beyond. We look forward to helping your child reach their potential! Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour of our early childhood education center.

Our Curriculum

Education is a priority at Greater Boston Early Academy, which is why all of our teachers are certified in Early Education and Care (EEC). This has allowed us to create an engaging lesson plan that helps expand your child's horizons by teaching them about different countries and cultures around the world. We often incorporate Christian values into these lessons to lay the foundation of a strong moral character. Your child will also learn the basics of Spanish and Portuguese when working with our teachers who are fluent in these languages.

Health and Safety

Curiosity and exploration are two traits we love to encourage in children. That's why we ensure our early childhood education facility goes beyond just standard safety regulations to make our daycare as child-proof as possible. From play areas to toys, we meticulously inspect each item to make sure it is safe for your child. We are also very aware of how fast germs can spread in a daycare. That's why we disinfect and sanitize our rooms throughout the day, and make sure each child is learning and practicing basic hygiene.

We also understand that children need to be supervised when learning about the world around them. We ensure that each of our teachers has the appropriate training qualifications to provide the highest level of supervision. Our staff is also CPR certified and knowledgeable in first aid. In the event of an emergency, our teachers are trained to respond to the situation quickly and calmly.


We understand that proper nutrition is essential for developing minds and bodies, which is why we offer a variety of nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day. We are sure to take note of any allergies and maintain a well-organized meal preparation area to prevent any cross-contamination. We're also happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions your child may have.

At Greater Boston Early Academy, we offer a preschool program that is designed to encourage your child's growth, both academically and socially. With experienced teachers, ample opportunities for play, and nutritious meals, you can rest assured that your child is getting the best possible care. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our family!

Start your child off right by enrolling them in our early childhood education program designed specifically for preschoolers!

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